Visit Fiji - exotic islands

release date: September 2021

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Fiji has over 300 islands

throughout the year

... so why should you stay on the main island you fly to? Board your inter-island transfer and explore the small islands.

For Fiji many travel agencies limit their vacation offers to the main island. We think that you wouldn't mind taking another trip by boat or seaplane after you land in Fiji. Everything is just a matter of the right timing.

The Fiji archipelago consists of more than 300 islands. To spend your vacation on one of them (outside of the main island) has its advantages – higher probability of better weather, local vibes and nicer environment, and overall better conditions for snorkeling and diving.

We have mapped several small islands and created a list of recommended islands (accommodation) that allows you to choose the island (and hotel) according to your preferences. Vegetarians and/or celiacs will not be disappointed, too.

In the itinerary you will find islands dedicated to diving enthusiasts or resorts, where you will not even have electricity at night. You can stay in a villa (bungalow) on the beach or in the green garden of the island under the coconut palm trees. You can even choose family friendly or adults only islands. Do you prefer to have air conditioning, swimming pool and/or internet access available? You can choose the most suitable island for you from the itinerary without much effort.

Fiji vacation
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