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smart itineraries
for independent travellers

If you don't fancy to travel in a random group with a guide... If you do not look forward to staying at regular hotel resorts... If you want to actively discover a different country and experience what it offers but still relax when you suddenly feel like it... If you lack the time or desire to prepare the many details of your journey yourself... Well, then you can still be the creator of your own experiences and travel on your own. With our itinerary!

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what our itinerary offers

comprehensive program of your journey

In the itinerary you will find complete and very detailed program of your entire trip, structurally organized by days, and lots of useful information about your destination. It also includes recommendations for and information about various local activities, as well as local restaurants (in most of which a vegetarian can order without any difficulties). The itinerary substitutes a guide.

all transfers in a nutshell

According to the itinerary you can book international and local flight tickets (if required for your journey and as recommended in the itinerary), arrange for a car rental (in the itinerary you will also find recommendations of the appropriate vehicle category and rental conditions if a car is required or recommended for your journey) and reserve transfers after your arrival or before your departure (unless the itinerary advises to rent a car).

quality and strategic accommodation

In the itinerary we recommend excellent accommodation that you can reserve in advance. We put great emphasis on strategic location. You can always check the quality of choosen accommodation yourself by reading various reviews available on the Internet. In the itinerary we indicate whether it is worth booking accommodation with meals and to what extent.

thoughtful organization

In addition to the program, transfers and accommodation, according to the itinerary you can arrange all formalities necessary for the purpose of your travel. In the itinerary we specify whether a visa or visa-free registration is required to enter a country and how you can arrange for them, what kind of driving license you need and what you should not forget to pack for your vacation. Our itinerary is much more than just a travel guide.

how to proceed

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book the services recommended in the itinerary

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